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Passage of the Olympic torch in Paris April 7, 2008



Controversial passage of the Olympic torch in Paris April 7, 2008 before the Olympic Games in Beijing, which encouraged  pro-Tibetan and pro-Chinese protests.

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Shanghai, 2007

Shanghai, 2007

Tourism in Beijing, 2007


Beijing, China, 2007. New Opera House


Just before opening to the public of Beijing Opera House, workers are working hard to clear the dust from the site, July 2007.

Shanghaï, Mogashan Lu, 2007

Près de Mogashan Lu au Nord du centre ville, au bord de la rivière Wusong (Suzhou Creek).

Construction of Olympic Stadium, Beijing, China, 2007

A few months before the Olympic Games, Beijing finds its new face. North of the capital, up to the fifth ring road, Olympic Stadium, designed by Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron, is finished, expected to be delivered in the spring.

Called « bird’s nest » because of its many branches turned towards the sky, the stadium has a capacity of 90 000 spectators, and is the flagship project of the Olympic zone. Criticized for its lack of progress on human rights, or the lack of transparency in the management of Olympic projects, however it is beyond the timetable for completion of projects.

These Olympics will be the showcase of modern China, and Beijing does not miss this event.

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Beijing, 2007. Fishing in the early morning in front of the Forbidden City

Beijing, 2007. The new Beijing as an ideal city.


Beijing, 2007. Tian An Men Square in early morning.